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Compassionate Actions Project®(CAP) is a 501 (C)(3) food outreach organization located in Erie, PA.  We offer low income people nutritious plant based foods.  We also try to offer personal care items whenever possible.  EIN: 27-262-7420


Monthly CAP Food Outreach for people receiving services at EII


Monthly CAP Food Pantry in the Spirit of Peace Room

When funding is available, CAP Food Outreach Programs offer a selection of healthful foods without contributing to the unnecessary, deplorable cruel abuse inflicted upon farm and sea animals in today’s food industry.  CAP offers healing plant based foods that nourish body mind and spirit.  In our efforts to help people in need, we have found it can be done and in a kind and compassionate way for all concerned.  Our food outreach programs encourage environmental stewardship.  We encourage local businesses to have CAP Food Drives!


Ways for a Community to Care


That Show We Understand


Offering Goods through Acts of Kindness and Compassion

Compassionate Actions Project® plant based food outreach is about caring in the best way we can for the people that we serve.  Our food outreach programs are expressions of compassion and respect for people, animals and Nature.

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